We have over 20 years of experience with regional and national commercial, industrial, and agricultural energy programs. Since 1997, we have been actively involved in energy management and energy auditing in the region, with over 600 audits, 3,500 site inspections, and more than 800 implemented projects. Nationally, our federal Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) Project Facilitation program has achieved over $250M in annual savings for federal agencies, with more than $1.7B in ESCO investment and 4M MBTUs saved in just a five-year period.

We have developed of numerous alternatively financed projects, and actively support energy programs with PacifiCorp, Rocky Mountain Power, and Bonneville Power’s Energy Smart Industrial Program. We are experts in regulatory requirements guiding energy conservation and water reduction in public facilities. We employ best engineering practices to facilitate successful implementation and performance.
We provide energy and water auditing services for existing facilities, new construction, and major renovations for all building types. Our work products are fully customizable in scope based on your needs. Our technical and financial analysis includes low-to-no cost measures, energy modeling, existing equipment and process improvements, new equipment, and capital improvement projects. We also conduct comprehensive renewable energy assessments.
  • 200+ ASHRAE® Level I Audits, 100+ Level II, and III Audits 
  • 3,500+ Lighting Audits, 25+ Industrial Audits 
  • 10 federal EISA 2007 Compliance Audits for the EPA, USFS, and DHS. 
  • 130+ Savings Verification Audits (M&V, Post-Installation Reports, etc.)

We have unrivaled expertise in the M&V process, with a proven record 
of saving significant time and money for our customers. Our reputation 
for responsiveness, integrity, risk mitigation, and a comprehensive review 
processes is unmatched for both our federal and regional clients. We 
co-authored the VA and DOE FEMP M&V Guidelines. We perform M&V 
on numerous custom measure projects for our utility partners with 
particular emphasis on industrial systems. Our low cost reviews add high 
confidence in project performance and keep the contractor accountable.

Our feasibility studies are an informational and investment tool to identify potential energy conservation, renewable energy, and cost saving opportunities. We provide both customized assessments and acquisition support. We recommend generation equipment that best fits your needs, fits in the space available, provides the best efficiency, supplies the optimal energy output that best matches the system operation or load profile, has reasonable construction costs, with the most favorable return on investment. We also assist with fire and energy code compliance, utility interconnection, and operation and maintenance (O&M) cost considerations.

We offer a wide array of energy management services to assist you in 
defining and achieving your energy program objectives. Our strength is 
built upon substantial experience with complex projects as well as the 
unique objectives of our customers. We take into account the dynamic 
needs and goals as the customer to formulate flexible, smart tools that 
are user-friendly and efficient. Our experts also specialize in onsite 
training highlighting best practices in energy projects on both holistic 
and measure-specific levels.

  • Enhanced M&V Support
  • Forensic Audits
  • Utility Energy Analysis
  • M&V Training
  • Risk Analysis
  • Project Facilitation
  • Renewable Program Support
  • Utility Analysis
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Code Compliance
  • Tool Development
  • Training